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Each restaurant is a unique business on its own, this is exactly the same for websites. Why would you choose to build a website using a standard web builder? SuMenú was founded with the aim to provide and build a beautifully, well-organized and converting website specifically designed for restaurants. Whether a guest visits your website via smart phone, tablet or desktop, the design is always responsive to whichever device your guests are using.

At SuMenú we completely design and develop our own products. So that we can create exactly what you have in mind.

Why SuMenú for your restaurant website?

A good restaurant website requires more than just the technology. The web design and marketing are just as important. We at SuMenú understand that like no other. That is why we work with specialists in those areas.

Our team consists of three areas of expertise; marketing, technology and design. We call this the triumphed to create an ideal website. Allowing us to constantly experiment and perfect our websites, because the online web-developments are changing so rapidly, the techniques we used yesterday might have to be replaced tomorrow. This is why you choose SuMenú, so that you can focus on running your restaurant and we will ensure your website is always updated and customers are able to find your restaurant via your newly build online presence.

A website for every restaurant

Every restaurant is unique. That is why we do not only offer standard website templates, but we also offer extra options. For example, think of…

  • Professional food & atmosphere photos
  • Video marketing
  • House style rebranding
  • Online reservation system


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