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Promote your restaurant through influencers.
Influencers can be the connection between a restaurant and its target group. By making use of an influencer you can attract more guests, which makes it a valuable marketing tool.
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Maridaje - Amigos & Sabores: The Gastronomic Festival of Medellín You Don´t Want to Miss!
Rich flavors combined the right way can elevate any recipe to its maximum power and make it taste better than ever. In gastronomy, the Spanish word of ´MARIDAJE´ is the natural combination…
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Attract new customers with Google My Business
How to attract new customers to your restaurant with Google My Business Listing
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Make sure you can find your restaurant on Google
Your serving great dishes to your customers, your restaurant has a nice atmosphere and the service is fast and accurate. However, more people aren’t coming in. That’s a shame… SuMen…
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Trends in content marketing and video marketing
Delicious food, cozy atmosphere, beautiful places. When choosing a restaurant, the experience ultimately plays the most important role. The experience in a restaurant is good to offer, but online it i…
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This way you keep a restaurant blog
If you have a good restaurant, you will initially attract many new guests. But then you should always think of new things to keep attracting new guests. This also applies to websites.  
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