COP 1.500.000

With SuMenú you can get a website tailored towards your business needs. A template will be discussed with you in advance. Together, we can determine what your website should propagate. A good website shows what your restaurant represents!

COP 105.000

The monthly fee is 105.000 COP and includes domain & email (you can cancel at any time). Also feel free to email us for questions or requests, we will not give you any additional bills.


COP 585.000

A set of new photos of 20 costs 585.000 COP and is the best investment you can make in the short term. Take a look at the photos on and They are made by the photographers of SuMenú, specializing in food and restaurants.

Physical menu
COP 975.000

Specially for restaurant entrepreneurs who want to have a well-designed physical menu to generate more revenue. It is a great way to stimulate guests and help them choose from the variety your restaurant offers, thanks to our proven psychological strategies and design principles we can help to significantly increase average spending.

House style: Corporate Identity Design
COP 1.560.000

Are you looking for a new look and feel? In collaboration with Loyals, SuMenú develops its new logo, business cards and menu card. Starting price is from 1.560.000 COP, depending on the quantity requested.

COP 975.000

Full HD and created by professionals. Starting from 975.000 COP, you can visually overwhelm visitors with a video of 45 to 90 seconds. SuMenú works together with a creative team, specialized in video production.

Social Wifi
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With the SuMenú IT WiFi solution, not only does it offer its guests a good Wi-Fi connection, but it can also collect useful data for your restaurant. Once the guests are connected, they get a login page where they leave their email address or can either like your restaurant’s Facebook page. You can then use this information for newsletters or Facebook campaigns.

Google Street view
COP 780.000

With Google Street view, your guests can have a 360-degree view of their restaurant. Visitors enter through Google search results. You can also use the 360-degree photos for your website or Facebook page. The photos are made by certified Google Street view photographers

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